PCD Pharma franchise in chandigarh

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PCD, popularly known as propaganda cum distribution is a very important method and a lot of pharma companies have acknowledged this means of marketing their medicine, drugs and medical devices across the country and states.

There are some small pharma units which do not have adequate staff to market their products at state or country level, generally require pharma Franchises who work for them.

List Of PCD Pharma Company In India and across the globe has adopted propaganda cum distribution as the marketing plan. Many of PCD pharma organizations were founded in 19th and 20th century. With the passage of time, their business started booming with these methods.

Some of recommended PCD Pharma companies in chandigarh are :





Looking for more information about pcd franchise visit our website at  http://pcd-pharma.buiz.in/pcd-blog/


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PCD in pharma is a term that is used for marketing right in Pharmaceutical industry. PCD means Propaganda cum distribution. PCD term provide business opportunities for both Pharma company and Distributors to associate at mutual benefits where pharma companies provides products and distributor or pcd associate provide selling and marketing support. PCD is also referred as Pharma Franchise.

Small and medium size pharma companies who don’t have adequate resources to recruit own sales team and can’t sell or market products at state or country level basis, generally require pcd or marketing associates who work for them. Companies provide them products at net price basis that are approximately 25–30% ( Not all) to MRP.

Further pcd associates or distributors promote company products and generate prescriptions from doctors and sell products.

For Choosing best franchise pcd partner for you, you should conduct proper research about company name, reputation in market, product list, molecules in list you require, promotional material supply etc. You can read more at : Which Pharma Franchise Company (PFC) or PCD Company will be best for association? What to do before finalized your PCD or Franchise Company?


Interested in  PCD Franchise feel free to contact us  at www.granmedpharma.com